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Road Trip

There’s nothing like driving from Granada to Barcelona in a Citroen C5. You feel like a rock-star with the Hives blaring on the CD player. To keep up with traffic you hold an effortless 150 km/h. The highway is much nicer than the town. It’s much better than getting lost in the Albayzin, Granada’s old [...]

It’s a kind of fruit

If you ever again, or for the first time, go to Granada, please stay at Rambutan. It is in the Albayzin, the old Muslim district across the Rio Darro from the Alhambra. Worlds cannot describe how wonderful it is … well yeah I guess they could, but more than I am prepared to write in [...]

On a Golden Shoestring Maybe

So our lonely planet has been helpful, don’t get me wrong… it’s just that I’m not so sure about their idea of a shoestring budget. Either that, or the prices have gone up in the past year. We haven’t had much success, or enjoyment out of the places that the book recommends, accommodation and mostly [...]

I forgot my pipe

In Toronto, I was never offered pot. Never. I say this because every time Mar and I walk through the main squares of Lisbon, we are offered hash. Countless times a man would walk by, and quietly blurt out “’ash?” In the time it took him to utter that syllable, he’d flash a chunk the [...]

This just in: Canadians are the new Australians

ANDALUCIA—Tired of not meeting anyone in Toronto? Go to Spain. Hear locals say, “You too? You’re lying. Everyone says they are from Canada.” Sit in the common room of your pension with five other as one says, “So, are we all Canadians then?” Nod in agreement. Go to a flamenco show in Seville and reminisce [...]

Pay No Attention to the Flamenco Pushing Australians

Arriving in Seville, we found out that the way the hostels work, is that they quote you one price on the phone to get you hooked, and once you show up, tired, dirty, and ready to crash… oops, that room isn’t available, but you can have this one that is more expensive.
So we decided to [...]

My Travels in Hyper-reality (with apologies to U. Eco)

A few days ago, Mar and I were at the Mosteiro des Jeronimos in Lisbon. This 17th century monastery has a great courtyard. Full on Manueline architecture. We were wandering around with. Mar was taking pictures. She then turned to me and said, “I wish those garbage cans weren’t there.” I could understand. Although the [...]

Tourist or Traveller?

I’ve been wondering about the difference between a traveller and a tourist and how you differentiate one from the other. The romantic in me definitely wants to become a traveller. After all, the word does have better connotations. However, the cynic in me says there isn’t really a difference between the two. The romantic would [...]

Did you see me waving?

We were at Cabo Roca yesterday (I think that was what it was called).
The most western point on continental Europe. Very, very high up. On a cliff. No guard rails. Not even a sign saying “be careful”, or “watch your step” or “don’t stand so close to the edge, what are you crazy?!”
I love Europe.

Yearning for Flatter Ground

Portugal breeds strong calf muscles. My mind and eyes are saying “Yes. Yes. More!” while my legs and feet are threatening mutiny. ‘Spose I better get used to it.