My Travels in Hyper-reality (with apologies to U. Eco)

A few days ago, Mar and I were at the Mosteiro des Jeronimos in Lisbon. This 17th century monastery has a great courtyard. Full on Manueline architecture. We were wandering around with. Mar was taking pictures. She then turned to me and said, “I wish those garbage cans weren’t there.” I could understand. Although the discrete little cans would keep the place orderly and clean, they did detract from pictures. The picture wouldn’t seem authentic. After all, how are you expected to travel back in time if you have 20th century chrome in the picture?

Knowing that the pictures are digital, I said, “Hey, you can just PhotoShop them out later.” A contemporary bit of software could make the real picture more authentic by doctoring the image. The fake would be more real than the original. So the end result would be the courtyard, as it really looked in the 17th century, not how it really looked in the 21st. Not that I really know how the courtyard looked in the 17th c. Really, I’m just guessing.

(This, grasshopper, is what happens to a mind that took its BA studies too seriously.)

For the PhotoShop Eggheads, PSD is the acronym for the Portuguese Social Democratic Party. I never thought software would lean to the left!

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