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In the land of K and D

It was in some Mediterranean country, Portugal I think, that Martha and I were flipping through a tourist brochure of things to do. On one page, in big bold letters, was the word ‘Tosca.’ I pointed to this listing and said, “Wicked. I can’t believe those guys are playing here. We should totally go and [...]

Ungrammatically Turkey

Turkey quickly became one of our favourite countries to explore. Rhodes to Marmaris and then off to Dalyan. Pension right on the river, below Lycian tombs cut in the rock Last Crusade style. Went on a boat trip with Jan, a Kiwi, and Jim, a Londoner born in Maricious (sp?). Back flips off the bow [...]

Rocky Rhodos

Rhodes—the biggest tourist trap since Cinque Terre with half the charm. Sure, there are ancient edifices. The old town looks pretty cool with its narrow streets and small squares, all within the old city walls. The place is rammed with shops. The ones selling stylish chess sets or carpets or pillows add to the flavour [...]

So Who Wants to Buy me a Scooter?

From Athens it was just a hop, skip and a jump, and we were on yet another night ferry, this time for the Cyclades. Naxos was our destination, an island that the Lonely Planet describes as the biggest, greenest and perhaps most beautiful of the whole archipelago. I have no idea if they are right, [...]


I left Athens full of retsina and having been kissed by a man. The hostel we were staying at had a bar and the bartender was George.
“I’m George. George Bartender.”
I doubt his last name was actually Bartender, unless he shortened it from “Bartenderopolous.” This guy was all about the party and he’s been at if [...]

Martha’s Version

Something brushed against my foot.
I woke to see a guy in the door of our train compartment.
He apologised. My first thought was that he was just checking to see if there was a seat free, and when he saw us sleeping he apologised for disturbing us. But when I looked on the floor and saw [...]

So Far

So we’ve been pretty silent so far. Since Barcelona anyway. After that amazing town we left the Iberian Peninsula for the Italian one. We stayed in the tourist trap of Cinque Terre, five small villages in a national park. Although touristy, the place is gorgeous: pebble beaches and hiking trails through green mountains.
Then it was [...]

OK, Mom and Dad, first of all, Martha and I are fine…

9 July 2002, 6:10 am
Mar woke up.
“Where are our bags?”
Our day-packs were not on the floor where we had left them. We were on a train somewhere between Foggia and Bari, coming up to the eastern coast of Italy. The train was minutes away from pulling into some small town.
We had a booth to ourselves, [...]

Pictures! Finally!

At long last, you can see a small fraction of specially selected pictures from our trip. These were cooked up and prepared for the Web in Granada. Many thanks to Jean-Claude for the use of his laptop. Just click on the Pics link to the right and enjoy.