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Oulu, Finland and the Air Guitar World Championships

Okay, Martha, Mike, Scott and I have been in this quiet little northern university town for a week, and let me tell you, it has been a huge party. From 21 to 23 August, I could make believe I was a rock star.
Here’s the long and the short of it: I was eliminated in the [...]

Home Sweet Helsinki

It was the strangest thing.
We were heading north from Berlin on a 3 hour flight, and somehow we landed in Canada!
How is this possible? Surely you are joking? I can hear you now, sceptical and unbelieving, but I tell you, the senses do not lie!
What are these trees I see, these mighty pines and birches… [...]

Martha and Matthew, where are you?!

Here’s the big up-date on our humble travels. I did mention in a previous blog that we were in Vienna, Austria, but let me tell ya how we got there.
From Istanbul, we wanted to go to Budapest. However, we didn’t fancy the train ride through Bulgaria (where I think we needed visas, not a good [...]

And we’re back!

Yuppers, the pics are back. Check it, this time with some narration, so you’ll have a better idea of what you are lookin’ at. Enjoy.

And now they are down

Oops. Not likin’ some of the “features” (read: restrictions) that come with Internet Cafe hopping. I was trying to tune up the new page with all the new pics and, well, now it’s not working. As soon as I find a more accommodating Internet Point, things should be fixed. Stay tuned.

More Pictures are Up!

In the interests of speed and time, we’ve put up a whack of photos in an uncategorised fashion. That means no witty commentary from us. Check this entry later. We’ll provide a few more deets, when we got the time. Until then, go to Pics and take the link at the top of the page.