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Rare Air

This just in folks: Martha behind the invisible axe. Yes, that’s right, Martha did a bit of air guitar in Oulu. Head on over to Pics for more. Dig.

Waxing poetic in Kraków

A few days ago, I had a moment on the balcony of our flat in Kraków. Let’s call it a balcony moment. It was late evening and there was just enough sun getting through to create a red patch in the clouds ahead of me. Our building faces a courtyard formed together with two other [...]

A-ha vs. Martha and Matt

M & M

Tallinn, Estonia
7 Sept
5–7 Sept

Riga, Latvia
8 Sept
7–9 Sept

Vilnius, Lithuania
9 Sept
9–12 Sept

Warsaw, Poland
12 Sept
16–19 Sept

Ever get the feeling you are being followed?

Hitler really was an asshole

Ok, I know this, you know this, we all know this.
But we’ve been in Warsaw three days now, and his asshole-ness just keeps hitting me like a bag of frozen pierogi to the head.
I should stop being silly, because it really isn’t silly.
The night we got here, we went to the huge KINOPLEX, and saw [...]

The Posters tell All

In the bus shelters and on the lampposts around Warsaw are loads of letter-sized posters. They generally advertise one of two services: English language instruction and karate lessons. I was pretty happy to see these signs as it looks like I’ll be able to put my skills to work here in Poland. It seems all [...]

And Sometimes it Hits You

Epiphanies are not always that profound. I think if you ask the Catholic Church or James Joyce, epiphanies are supposed to be life changing. But something can hit you and when you tell someone else about that something, it sounds retarded. Mine goes like this… Mar and I were walking around the Old Town of [...]


An additional 343 pictures have been added to the site. These pictures take you from Greece all the way to Poland. I haven’t added a legend yet, but the deets are coming soon.

Poland, 13-09-02

Friday the 13th, at about two in the morning, we crossed the Lithuanian border and finally arrived in Poland.
We were the only ones on the bus whose passports were closely scrutinised and collected. I find it hard to believe that the stamping of our two lowly passports resulted in the incredibly long wait, which I [...]

Look for familiar faces

Bootcamp (Link no longer active.)
First Round of Competition (Link no longer active.)
The Championships (Link no longer active.)

The Air Guitar World Championships and the Press

When I got on the bus to go to Air Guitar bootcamp, I was surprised at what I found. There were about six others on the bus with me and only one to two others had any experience playing the air guitar. But all were working on a story. Jack from the Times, who actually [...]