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Nine years ago today, I went for a little afternoon canoeing on the Ottawa River with some friends. Dave Temple was coming over to Crystal Beach, and he, Ali, Michelle and I were just going to dick around on the river for a while. Dave brought along a friend. The first time I ever met [...]

School’s out

School’s over. Martha and I have gone from students to travellers again. We both passed the course and are fully qualified to unleash linguistic havoc in un-English places around the world. With the passing of the course, also came the passing of our cool apartment. Yesterday, we trudged quite a few blocks with our backpacks [...]

There’s no stopping me now!

In my previous class, I taught a segment on English slang. After all, what words are more ubiquitous than “cool” and “wicked?” I must admit though, I nearly lost my composure when I found myself correcting the students’ pronunciation of “hork” and “zonked.” These are essential skills I’m teaching them!
Last class tomorrow. Very excited. Then [...]

School School and School

Martha and I have been quiet of late ‘cause we got school. Yup, we’re are in Poland learning how to be English teachers. That confuses some of the Poles I’ve met.
“You’re in Poland to learn how to teach English. Shouldn’t you have done that where you come from?”
School is tough. We teach two to three [...]