Nine years ago today, I went for a little afternoon canoeing on the Ottawa River with some friends. Dave Temple was coming over to Crystal Beach, and he, Ali, Michelle and I were just going to dick around on the river for a while. Dave brought along a friend. The first time I ever met Matt, he was sitting in a canoe, tuque on head, dressed in layers of warm plaids. It all seems so fitting now. So wonderfully Matt.

This Halloween, there isn’t any canoeing, but I’m not complaining. Kraków doesn’t really know how to do up Halloween proper, but it’s not a bad place to be celebrating our ninth anniversary.

I started the day by finally finishing Brothers K by the Doyster, which is good because we’ll be packing our bags soon and starting on the last leg of our journey, and that book is heavy! Of course, our gift to each other today was a trip to the English bookstore, where we picked up yet another book for the road.

Matt’s gift to me is that he is letting me cut his hair tonight. I keep telling him that this is also my gift to him, but he just can’t seem to see it that way. I’ve promised that I’ll only nip off what I’ve dubbed his ‘cape’ (he is way beyond mullet). Of course, I have no firm plans of attack, and will just have to see where the scissors lead me. Shit, he’ll probably read this and get cold feet. He has Samson-like delusions when it comes to his hair, but what can I say, I love him.

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