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And that’s it

Just under six months and 16 countries later (minus one if you don’t count a simple train-ride through Switzerland and add one if you count the Vatican City) plus 10 hours of flying and 10 hours of waiting around airports and wa-BAM, we’re back in the land of maple syrup and insightful news features that [...]

The final leg

So the train from Wrocław to Hamburg was dope. 2nd class but we felt like royalty: foot room, free chocolate. Bye-bye bleak East, hello glittery West. Tobi, thanks for letting us crash and disrupt your studies in beautiful Hamburg. Props to the peeps in your flat. The train to Kempten to see Kate was a [...]

I’m a bad, bad son

I forgot my mother’s birthday. I knew it was coming. In fact, two days before, while Martha and I were on the train from Wrocław to Hamburg, I remember saying, “I have to email my mom in two days.” And did I? No. Instead, I was wandering around the Reeperbahn, Hamburg’s red-light district. A friend [...]

On our way out

So after a week of letting all the school drain out of our systems, we left Kraków for the south of Poland. Zakopane is essentially Whistler, Poland, but cuter. I’m sure this place is just overrun during the summer hiking season and the winter skiing season. November is neither of these. Our converstation at the [...]