The final leg

So the train from Wrocław to Hamburg was dope. 2nd class but we felt like royalty: foot room, free chocolate. Bye-bye bleak East, hello glittery West. Tobi, thanks for letting us crash and disrupt your studies in beautiful Hamburg. Props to the peeps in your flat. The train to Kempten to see Kate was a 14 hour marathon. Bye-bye high speed inter-city, hello discount regional travel. But the seven stop-overs and the cool conversation thanks to Stephan, made time fly. In Kempten we had beer for breakfast (we are told it’s the thing to do), went on day trips to the Alps, and saw some crazy fairytale castles. Kate, thanks for letting us crash. Flo, the food was great and thanks for letting us cook up pictures on your computer. Then it was off to see Michelle in Grenoble, France, a cool little French town in the Alps. It’s a town that breaks all the French stereotypes: the people are friendly and don’t get insulted when you try and speak French to them. Michelle and Andreas, thanks for letting us crash. Props to your peeps. From there, it was Paris for a night and Charles de Gaul Airport in the morning.

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