Busy in the ‘Burbs?

I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting in the last six months. Weird. Not much to report from Whitby. Stop. I hear some of you laughing and saying, “But there’s never anything to report from Whitby!” Yes, ‘burb dissing is as easy as lying to models and both are good for a giggle.

It’s amazing how busy you can find yourself even with no job. Christmas shopping kept me walking around Toronto for five daze. When I started that yearly ritual of undisguised consumerism, I was filled with nothing but resentment. But as I got going, I began to enjoy myself. I can’t explain it. The romantics will call that “the joy of giving” and the cynics will say that consumerism is simply coursing through my green North American blood. Still, there is a bit of a high when you got a gift that works, one that strikes the right balance between surprise and appropriateness. Like alive things. Pretty much guaranteed to surprise. Not plants though. I’m talking things that walk, like bugs.

“Oh. Thank you dear. A can of Raid. That’s wonderful.”

“Got you something else Mom.”

“Oh really. This is too much. Thank you.”

“Might want to hold on to that Raid.”

Merry Xmas, Mom.

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