Too sick to blog, almost

Thailand is nice. Or so I hear.

I’ve only just left my air-conditioned hotel room.

We arrived in Bangkok last night, me with a raging fever and pain every time I tried to swallow. You never really realize how often you swallow until each swallow feels like burning.

We found the aircon room last night, and this morning, blessed be, we realized that there was a clinic on the first floor! Now I’m all drugged up and ready to go!

Actually, I’m just about ready to go back to bed…

We have one more day of Martha recuperation in Bangkok, and then Monday we get on a bus/boat for some island somewhere. It’s strange, since I’ve been sick, Matt has been doing all the planning and navigating… luckily he has Agnes to help him. Really, he’s been doing a great job, and taking very good care of me. I guess I’ll have to do the same when he gets what I’ve got.

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