Rockin’ Out

At Rai Ley beach, near Karbi, there are many, many beautiful cliffs, perfect for rock climbing. I decided that while I was there, I might as well try it. (Up to a few days ago, I had never climbed anything other than trees.) Agnes, Warren and I opted for the half-day intro course. On paper it sounds kinda wussy: four to five climbs at a maximum height of 30 meters, but I nearly filled my pants on my first climb. Sure it was top-rope climbing, but at about 10m up, I was thinking, “I haven’t put my weight on this rope yet. Hey, I might peal right out of my harness and then there would be a big puddle of me right next to one of those beached jelly-fish dying in the sun long after the tide has gone. Ugh!” At the end of climb five I could barely lift my arms. (I know, I know. You are supposed to climb with you legs.) We all got a certificate for completing the course. Now my hand-writing isn’t the best, but when I printed my name on the certificate, it look as if an earthquake hit.

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