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Lamer than Lame

Saturday night in Whitby and the I’ve never seen the parking lot at the Blockbuster so packed.
Earlier in the day, Elif suggested that we find at least another friend in town. It makes sense. Someone with a different opinion about the town would be refreshing. Still, this fictitious fourth person, who we now call Ringo, [...]

You don’t have to be a rock star

We went out for Michelle’s birthday. Dinner, drinks and dancing. I wish Caitlin hadn’t told me that Injera tastes and feels like boiled flesh. Her accuracy really affected the meal for me.At the bar they played most of a Can album. How cool is that? On our way to the dance club, we meet this [...]

O’ What a Toole

Ah, life in the Durham region. Where styrofoam houses fill the landscape to the horizon and whose elected officials conduct themselves with the utmost dignity and panache. The Durham region includes the ever-stunted Whitby and its bedroom-community brethren Pickering, Ajax (whose relation to certain heroic Greek warrior is overwhelmingly ironic), Oshawa, Uxbridge, Scugog (the best [...]

Back to the Back to the Back to the Burbs Y’all

Call it making the best of a less than ideal situation. Call it emic anthropology. Call it the search for kicks. We called it, Whitby Night.
On Friday, Caitlin, Michelle and Scott took the GO eastbound. Picked them up at the station, the classic rock radio station blaring.
“I didn’t know [Trooper’s] Raise a Little Hell actually [...]