O’ What a Toole

Ah, life in the Durham region. Where styrofoam houses fill the landscape to the horizon and whose elected officials conduct themselves with the utmost dignity and panache. The Durham region includes the ever-stunted Whitby and its bedroom-community brethren Pickering, Ajax (whose relation to certain heroic Greek warrior is overwhelmingly ironic), Oshawa, Uxbridge, Scugog (the best named of the bunch), Port Perry and a host of others almost worth mentioning. As is usually their want, these communities elected a member of the Conservative party as their representative in the provincial government.

On Monday of this week, John O’Toole showed everyone just what kind of leader he is.

During a debate in the legislature, a debate that he no doubt spent a long time preparing for, complete with rehearsals in front of the bathroom mirror, O’Toole was interrupted by the NDP’s Peter Kormos. Now maybe lowly backbenchers don’t have to spend a lot of time in the legislature, maybe they can skip out of these things. I’m wondering this because Kormos’ interruption came as such a surprise and infuriated O’Toole to the point that the MPP for the Durham region felt he should give the NDPer the one-finger salute. It was only following this incident that things got ridiculous.

Outside the chamber, O’Toole denied that he’d made any offensive gesture.

“But Mr. O’Toole, it’s right here in the legislative broadcast service videotape.”

Busted, O’Toole then said he was sorry.

“Uh, so then, why did you deny flippin’ da bird?”

To which he responded that he didn’t know what the reporter meant by “flipping the bird.”

So what’s the fallout from this? Well, there have been calls for his resignation by his constituents. And I don’t blame them. What does it say about a region who elects someone who’s too dumb to know he’s been busted and plays stupid after the fact?

[Props to CTV.ca and The Durham Times and extra big shout-outs to Whitby this Week.]

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