Resurfacing in the States

A few days ago I crossed the border with the Heckman’s. Now, we’re in the lovely suburb of Ambler just outside of Philadelphia. I’ve kinda traded one suburb for the other. But Ambler is older and, though most people do drive everywhere, you can walk places.

Too all my peeps in the ‘States, sorry about passing you by on the I-81. Next time I visit. Promise.

I’ve been trying to stay out of trouble. Yesterday, all the Heckman kids went to Hershey Park to subject their heads and stomachs to high-speed joltings. I opted out. Instead, I went to a bookstore. There was also a walk around town. I found a local electrical sub-station with a hole in its surrounding chain-link fence. I decided to play throw-the-rock-at-the-transformer game. There were sparks, but that was it.

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