A Framily Visit

Martha’s family has this term in circulation called “framily.” It’s a fusion of “friends” and “family.” Last week, framily paid us a visit.

Martha’s cousins, Sue and Diane chose Poland for their first ever European trip. A brave choice for the unseasoned traveller. Jet-lagged and tried they were treated to a full-on Polish bus queue, which was running on “extra-chaotic” that day because winter break was coming to an end.

Their recovery went well in Cieszyn. The next night Sue, Maryland Foosball Champion (scroll to “Open Mixed” after you click), made her debut on a European foosball table. (Yes friends, they are different!) Despite the unfamiliarity of the playing field, Sue still managed to impress one of the local foos-masters, who recognised her a week later, at a different bar, and asked to play on her team.

Both ladies, using the mobility that comes with a US passport, then took the train down to Prague, where they weathered surly Czech hostel staff. As Diane said, “The hostel really was hostile.”

Then back to Cieszyn and on to Kraków for the kind of crazy times that only the old capital can offer.

Thanks guys for visiting. You get the gold medal for “First Framily in Poland.” My grandmother might try and contest that award since she did land here about a week before you did. But, forget it. She’s so busy soaking her feet in some natural spring-water that we haven’t seen her yet. You guys win. Miss you.

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