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This just in…

Just when we thought the contest was over, Warren comes up with his entry. We’re giving him the Palm d’Or for Audacity. Here is his entry proving we are, in fact, really big in Cieszyn.

And the winners are…

It was a close race. In the interest of fairness, first place is tied between Jill (Martha’s mom) and Caitlin. According to my inbox, Jill’s image got to me first, but Caitlin’s was actually sent twenty-six seconds earlier. Caitlin has her company’s server to blame for the delay and for costing her the clear win. [...]

A contest for all the fans

There’s this web site that, every thirty seconds, serves up a shot of the main square of our town. As I’m writing this, it’s close to midnight and there’s not a heck of a lot to see. In the daytime, however, this square is positively bustling. It’s this little web-cam that is going the be [...]