A contest for all the fans

There’s this web site that, every thirty seconds, serves up a shot of the main square of our town. As I’m writing this, it’s close to midnight and there’s not a heck of a lot to see. In the daytime, however, this square is positively bustling. It’s this little web-cam that is going the be the focus of a contest.

On Martha’s birthday (13 April) at 17:00 our time, Martha and I and two of our teaching pals will strike some poses in front of the camera. At 5pm, there’s still enough light out and we’re guessing that the people in Eastern Time (11:00) or Mountain (09:00) will have little trouble sitting down at their terminals. The job for you folks at home is to get a screen-grab of our antics. The first person to e-mail the image to me will be the winner. The prize: honourable mention on this here web site and the prestige of being the first.

To get a screen grab, you must have the shot of the main square open in a browser. (The address is coming, one sec.) Then, press the Print Screen (PrtSc) button on the keyboard. Next, in your favourite photo-editing program, paste the image. Don’t forget to format the image for web before e-mailing the entry.

If you don’t have a capable photo-editor, Irfanview offers a very good freeware version.

Click the Rynek Online button, left side, on this web site. What you will see is the view from high atop Cieszyn’s town hall.
Get your PrtSc and Ctrl + V fingers ready for Tuesday! TuesDAY! TUESDAY!

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