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Running out of time and time travel

With only a month left in this part of the world, I’m sent into a bit of a panic whenever I see my list of blogs to write. Some of them I planned to write months ago. So, with the resolve that comes with last-minute panic, I’m planning to get all these blogs up before [...]

Comments Please!

Final exams are no different for teachers as they are for students; in an effort to avoid the inevitable, they scurry around getting immersed in every little distraction. Some alphabetise CD collections, while others clean. TV and computer games work too, but they are not as good as, say, organising the spice rack. Anything that [...]

Bowling and Border-guards

Last week, with the accession of Poland and the Czech Republic into the EU, some remarked that it was finally the end of Yalta. A week later, we went bowling.
Really, I’m by no means a bowling enthusiast. I can think of dozens of other things I’d rather do, but our new found mobility drew us [...]

Welcome to the EU. Let’s go bowling.

It’s almost shameful: how predictable we can be. If there’s a fence, we want to see what’s behind it. Lock something in a box, and we look for a screwdriver to pop it open. Tell a bunch of Canadians that they can’t cross an international border to visit their Polish town’s ugly Czech twin, and [...]