Random reasons to celebrate

Yesterday was Children’s Day. The following Thursday is called God’s Body (Boże Ciało in Polish, Corpus Christi in the Latin countries). This is a good holiday because we don’t work. Somewhere around here is a holiday called “the little green holiday.” On this day, celebrants simply fry up some eggs on a barbecue because that’s what you do fifty-five and a half days after Easter or something like that. It’s “holidays” like this that I think are really interesting. Poland seems to be full of them. There’s something about these small observances. They don’t have the mass commercial franticness of North American Mother’s Day or Valentine’s. They are just small things you do to mark the onward march of the year and other times, just another excuse to party.

In the spirit of seemingly random (because they seem random to me) Polish holidays and occasions, here’s a little thing I’d like to note. Today is the second anniversary of Martha’s and my first trip to Europe. This occasion is observed by hopping on one foot three times while on the way to work.

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