It’s what’s inside that counts

Weeks of toiling has lead to what you see here: the 2004 Itchy Feet site re-design.

I can hear the loyal readers scratching their collective head and muttering, “Re-design? It doesn’t really look that different.” Let me explain.

I built this site over two years ago. At the time, I relied on all that I had learned from my prior two years of working in the Web industry. So, I build the site in two hours using code that worked, but was not standards compliant, and I vowed to fix it up later. I knew continued use of sloppy code would just make the planned repair job more difficult, but it was working right? Whatever. It was just like every professional Web project I’d ever worked on.

Now, I’ve paid for my coding sins. Everything is up to XHTML 1.0 Strict standards. (Except for one link, which I blame on Blogger.) There are access keys (try pressing Alt+p and see where it takes you.) Things are up to accessibility standards. I’ve added a Portfolio section for prospective employers who would like to read about me. Sadly, the Pics section is gone. I figured that anyone who planned to look at them has done so already. After all, the same photos have been up for two years.

So, go ahead and click on the XHTML button. What you see in the new window is what I’ve been working towards. Enjoy.

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