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Examining the Non-Evangelicals

Everybody knows Jesus helped win the 2004 U.S. election for Bush. Last November, I had no idea—like most of my Daily Show watching demographic—how conflated church and state really is in the States. I wanted to know more. As the first anthropologists were intrigued by economic systems or matrilineal kinship, I was curious about these [...]

Version 2.0

Years ago, maybe five, I set myself up for a productive failure. I started building my web-based literary empire. The venture taught me all I know now about programming for the web, about PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. I think I finished the empire two years ago, the code at least. I had spent so much [...]

Traditional Literary Journals and the Web

Traditional literary journals learn slowly, and The New Quarterly is one of them.
Often lit journals have web sites that are little more than poorly designed pamphlets. The largest frustration is that they give no samples of the writing they carry. This situation will lead any web surfer to ask, “What’s the point?” as there’s so [...]