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Growing Cred for Self-publishing

Daniel Green writes a good post on the continued legitimisation of self-publishing. His discussion reminded me of Jim Munroe’s evangelising of the practice since his departure from HarperCollins in 2000. On Munroe’s site is a good economic argument for self-publishing. (Munro calls it “indie-publishing,” but his brand of indie-publishing is quite close to Green’s self-publishing. [...]

A Friday afternoon bike ride

And it’s sunny and it’s dusty and the trees won’t have leaves until it rains. Traffic flows like the last drawn out task before the weekend. Avoid, tinker, avoid.
Broken glass lies in bp nichol’s concrete letters. At a nearby loading bay, a man dips his moustache into his coffee. None of this is in the [...]

First-chapter Review: Terry by Douglas Coupland

For some reason, I have this image of Russell Smith at a public talk advising that you shouldn’t read the back-cover of a book to find out if you’d like it, but to read the first few pages. In the absence of my own reviewer’s copy, I’ve done something similar: a first-chapter critique. Each week [...]