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David Sedaris leaves all aglow at Indigo

Few in the crowd waiting for David Sedaris were actually wearing corduroy or denim. They sported lighter fabrics for their shorts and skirts. Fifteen minutes before Sedaris was scheduled to read, the available seating was filled up at the Bay/Bloor Indigo store. People leaked into the surrounding aisles. The two women next to me voiced [...]

I’m Henry James, Bitch!

[If the title of this post leaves you stratching your head, and you have Windows Media Player, watch this.]
I had a terrible introduction to Henry James. I had to work with him on an undergrad short-story assignment. Each student in the class, after calling out a few random numbers, got a sentence from the prof’s [...]

Eco’s Show in Toronto

Umberto Eco stoked interest in his new novel tonight at his appearance at the Harbourfront Centre. Throughout his reading from his new novel, The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, his interview and the audience questions, he was charming, gracious and outright hilarious. The reading was 66% English and 33% Italian. The part read in Italian [...]