David Sedaris leaves all aglow at Indigo

Few in the crowd waiting for David Sedaris were actually wearing corduroy or denim. They sported lighter fabrics for their shorts and skirts. Fifteen minutes before Sedaris was scheduled to read, the available seating was filled up at the Bay/Bloor Indigo store. People leaked into the surrounding aisles. The two women next to me voiced my thoughts.

“We picked the worst section to stand in,” said one.

“For browsing?” ask the other.


We were in Ageing, surrounded by titles like On the Down Low and The Hardness Factor. I’m sure the material in these books could use a once-over by Sedaris’ wit.

“Are there going to be a lot of inside jokes?” wondered one woman.

“No, he’ll just be reading,” said the other.

Sedaris read “Turbulence,” which appeared recently in The New Yorker, followed by some naughty poems featuring dogs.

For his book tours, Sedaris likes to have some kind of a theme; the current one is public defecation. He has been collecting stories on this theme from people attending his readings. The stories he recounted brought more giggles than groans from the Indigo audience. He has mastered the balance of what to say and what to imply. His skill lets him cover subjects that most can’t touch without sounding like they were back in Grade 2. The proof is not just in the doo-doo topic of the tour, but also in such stories as “Put a Lid on It,” from his latest collection.

Even if you have read it in The New Yorker, you should download Sedaris’ reading of “Turbulence.” Then you can download his naughty doggie poems and ensuing banter. The recording got cut off near the end. Listeners are just missing Sedaris singing the praises of fellow writer, David Rakoff (Sedaris thinks Rakoff is really, really smart.) and giving a warm thank-you to the crowd.

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