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Pebbled is on now!

If you’re not at the Distillery District by now, you’re late! Pebbled is on. I’m going tomorrow. The full details go like this:
Distillery District
55 Mill Street
Toronto, Ontario
Performance Locations & Times
Outdoor: Tank Lane
Thursday, August 11th 9-10pm
Friday, August 12th 9-10pm
Saturday, August 13th 9-10pm
Sunday, August 14th 9-10pm
Indoor: ARTCORE Gallery
Saturday, August 13th, 1pm & 3pm
Sunday, August 14th, 1pm & [...]

Pebbled Newly Sited

Kat has dones a wonderful job with the new Pebbled site. The new new thing to check out is the Get Framed contest, a nice way for viewers to participate in the Pebbled experience.
The other week I was complaining to Elif about how crummy fFIDA has been on the promotion front. Only her name was [...]