First Bout of Twitter Guilt

I didn’t mean to dis The Agenda. Well, I did, but not to that extent.

I was jumping between three live blogs of Obama’s visit today, including The Agenda’s. (Holy. Lots of love for Cover It Live.) It seemed Mr. Paikin’s Web event was relying mostly on the #obamawa hash-tag feed. Disappointing I thought. I was so impressed with their AgendaCamp broadcast from Thunder Bay. They combined television and Web much better than CBC ever had. So I called The Agenda on rehashing a hash.

They replied, letting me know that they did have someone in Ottawa covering the event. Fair enough. But then I felt a twinge (twinger of guilt?) for having written the dis-tweet into the #obamawa feed, and thus into The Agenda’s live blog.

I do assuage the guilt a bit with the idea that there is no bad publicity. I did present all 23 of my followers with a link to The Agenda page.

Really Mr. Paikin, there’s no need to thank me.

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