Searching for LoK8Tr

I’m after a composer or maybe a bunch of composers who don’t want to be found. They don’t want to be LoK8-ed, if you will.

The Canadian Music Centre (CMC) runs a program called New Music in New Spaces, which promotes the work of CMC’s associate composers by staging musical events in novel places, such as the Bonnechere Caves, Eganville, Ont. and in the trees in Toronto. An event coming up in January is called LoK8Tr. (I’m not sure what the ‘T’ is for. Doesn’t the numeral 8 imply a ‘T,’ à la Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi?”) A CMC press release describes LoK8Tr as:

a project inspired by and written directly for performance using Internet media and social networking tools. It will include music, poetry, graphics and video distributed via the Internet on a set performance date to those who sign up to receive the Twitter, Facebook, email and Skype messages that will make up the piece. LoK8Tr will be accessible via cellphone, computer and radio (with on-air presence as part of the Mannlicher Carcano radio remix program)….The artists for the LoK8Tr project will not be announced until after the conclusion of the performance date to emphasize the project themes of identity/self, location, loneliness/facelessness and virtual interconnections that can be amplified or obscured by the distortions and dissonances that mediated relations create.

It is that last part, about the artists not being announced until after the performance, that is a bit of a challenge. I’m working on an article on LoK8Tr for Musicworks magazine and so far all the details I have are, well, the press release above. If this were any other topic, I wouldn’t hesitate to find out all that I could on the subject and include it in the article, but who wants harsh on a project whose themes include the facelessness of virtual interconnections? It would be a little like spoiling the ending of a movie, no? But then again, movie critics do get to see the movie and are trusted to dole out the right amount of information.

I’ll see what I can LoK8. (I wonder how much mileage one can get out of that spelling?)

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