Why Blog an Article?

Really, I’m not totally comfortable about blogging a print article as I work on it. Magazine articles are always released as seemingly fully formed beings, the stitches removed, the gaps tightened and any false starts tucked away.  Only the writer and editor really see the pieces and connections; for the rest, the article is a lovely whole.

But with a blog, you let it all hang out—the dumb assumptions that you abandon, the head scratching, the raw data. Of course,  I could leave those bits out, but then, what’s left to keep a blog going?

In the case of the LoK8Tr project, my going Web is appropriate (so I’ve convinced myself) because I’m meeting the participants in their medium: the only place they operate right now. There you have it—I can blame them. Also, going meta on the article-writing process, another thing that makes me cringe, is justified because this project seems keen to go up that self-referential route. (”Self-referential”?! Crap. I haven’t used that since third year.)

Thank you LoK8Tr for sending me in this direction. Is it meta for you?


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