LoK8Tr Left Me, But Is About to Return

Yes, I have been known to drop projects and if you look at this past November’s posts, it does seem like I just dropped the article on the Canadian Music Centre’s LoK8Tr project. In fact, I was dropped. My contact with LoK8Tr sent me a message saying he was “shutting down communication [with me] effective immediately.” He also requested that I “cease writing about the LoK8Tr project in any form.” So, I did what any journalist would do: I wrote a story anyway. I wanted to call it “LoK8Tr Has a Cold.” You can read the tale of the breakup—more aptly entitled “dis-LoK8Ted”— in the current issue of Musicworks magazine. (On newsstands now!)

The LoK8Tr project has started. If you are keen on checking it out, as I am, you should become Facebook friends with Lo Katr and check out CMC’s page on the project. Also, don’t forget that LoK8Tr and the cool cats at Mannlicher Carcano will be performing an on-air collaboration this Saturday at 3pm on CFRU (93.3 FM if you live in Guelph, Ont.).

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