An Array Music Concert on Oscar Night

I have my own Oscar bet going tonight. Even though I’ll miss the start of the ceremonies, I think I’ll still be home in time to catch Anne Hathaway’s penultimate wardrobe change. I’ll be at an ensemble concert that the Music Gallery put on by Array Music. It will feature five works from Array Music’s library.

First in the lineup is “(Damper) Coaster” composed by Martin Arnold. Next is “Soccer” by Scott Godin. I believe the full name of the piece is “Soccer: In Memoriam Hugh Kenner”. Although, I’m not sure what the links are between the world’s most popular sport and a Canadian literary critic. (See if you can hear them for yourself; you can find an excerpt halfway down this page.) You can hear the third work, Michael Oesterle’s “Assume Sometimes,” in its entirety on the composer’s site. The fourth piece has shared its title with the night’s event: “Four Seasons One Tree.” It’s by Rodney Sharman who writes the following on the work:

The piece is a meditation on magical, “seasonally complex” trees I have seen on North America’s West Coast, in Canada, California and Mexico. These extraordinary trees exhibit features of their entire life cycle at the same time, sometimes on a single branch, from smallest bud to fullest fruit, falling leaves and bare twig.
The music is a set of constantly changing variations, contrasted with four solos for each of the sustaining instruments of the ensemble: trumpet, violin, bass clarinet and double bass.

The final piece is “Stare at the River” by Linda Catlin Smith, which she has described as “gazing with the ear.”

The main focus, for me at least, of this concert is not the five musical pieces per se, but the conductor, Gregory Oh. The folks at Musicworks magazine have set me on a profile of Oh, who is also a pianist and member of the group Toca Loca. I’ve been theorizing as to where I should sit so that I have the best view of the conductor: not a common concert-goer’s goal. Any tips?

After the event, I’ll shoot of the Spadina Line to see if I can get home before Spielberg presents the best motion picture Oscar.

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