An Incomplete Guide to the 2012 National Magazine Awards

On June 7, many editors, art directors, writers, illustrators, photographers and a bunch of other magazine types will dress up really nicely and head to The Carlu for what I like to call the Oscars of Canadian magazines. Like the Oscars, the National Magazine Awards cover many categories: art direction for a single magazine article to words and pictures and 43 others in between. Usually, when I sit down at my table right before the awards ceremony, I take a moment to go through my program and guess who will win in each category. It’s an incredibly unscientific process. “Oh, I’ve heard of that guy.” “I don’t know any of these, but I like the sound of that story.” “The editor of that magazine just stiffed me at the bar, so I’m not picking that one.”

To try and make the selection process in my little NMA pool a bit more rigorous, I’m reading as many stories in as many categories as I can. With 362 nominated submissions and roughly two weeks until the event, I know I will only be able to scratch the surface. For those playing along at home, here are my predictions.

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