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God’s Land

God truely does love Poland. Not only has it been sunny and beautiful every weekend (pissy and cloudy in the work week), the beer is cheap, as is the vodka, and the fooz is free! That’s right, we have never felt more certain of our decision to come to this country to teach than when [...]

And We’re Back

Recouperating in Whitby.
Still not in phase with the EST.

The Mother of all Fears

People who know me really well, know that I am seriously, no joke, piss my pants afraid of sharks. I enjoy freaking myself out from time to time by watching them on TV from the safety of my own home, but really all it takes is an old commercial for that Universal Studios ride where [...]

Too sick to blog, almost

Thailand is nice. Or so I hear.
I’ve only just left my air-conditioned hotel room.
We arrived in Bangkok last night, me with a raging fever and pain every time I tried to swallow. You never really realize how often you swallow until each swallow feels like burning.
We found the aircon room last night, and this [...]

Good thing we like rice

14 hours on the plane.
3 hours on a bus.
In Gunsan by 7:00 am Korea time, just in time to start our full day of orientation.
Luckily, we got to bed by nine, and had a solid ten hour sleep.
Also lucky we brought boots, cause there’s like two feet of snow on the ground, and it keeps [...]

Ok, I know we said we were going back to Poland, but…

A few days before Christmas, Matt’s friend and former co-worker Warren hooked us up with a sweet job in Gun-San, Korea.
We leave tonight.
It’s been pretty hectic getting ready on short notice, but the opportunity was too good to miss. For two weeks we’ll be teaching at a winter camp for kids. One of the perks [...]

The final leg

So the train from Wrocław to Hamburg was dope. 2nd class but we felt like royalty: foot room, free chocolate. Bye-bye bleak East, hello glittery West. Tobi, thanks for letting us crash and disrupt your studies in beautiful Hamburg. Props to the peeps in your flat. The train to Kempten to see Kate was a [...]


Nine years ago today, I went for a little afternoon canoeing on the Ottawa River with some friends. Dave Temple was coming over to Crystal Beach, and he, Ali, Michelle and I were just going to dick around on the river for a while. Dave brought along a friend. The first time I ever met [...]

Hitler really was an asshole

Ok, I know this, you know this, we all know this.
But we’ve been in Warsaw three days now, and his asshole-ness just keeps hitting me like a bag of frozen pierogi to the head.
I should stop being silly, because it really isn’t silly.
The night we got here, we went to the huge KINOPLEX, and saw [...]


An additional 343 pictures have been added to the site. These pictures take you from Greece all the way to Poland. I haven’t added a legend yet, but the deets are coming soon.