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A closed circle of life

The American Food and Drug Administration approved a pill that minnows may find worrisome.
On Tuesday, the FDA passed a drug called Lybrel, which stops a woman from menstruating. The Washington Post reported that it is designed “for women who find their periods too painful, unpleasant or inconvenient and want to be free of them.” While [...]

Failed my rock ’n’ roll duty

When I arrived at Lee’s Palace just after midnight on the night of the 19th, three hours after the doors had opened, the bouncer checked my ID, but strangely no one on the inside asked me to pay cover. That’s what happens when you’re so late that you miss the whole event.
I mulled around by [...]

At least I voted early

My ballot was the seventh to go into the square R2-D2 by the gymnasium doors at the St. Albans Boys and Girls Club. Although the ballot slid into the machine face down, the marks I had made with a black Sharpie had bled through. I’m sure the dude manning the box could figure out who [...]

Ambrose harried by hair comments

It seems I’ve set a dangerous precedent on my blog: mixing sarcasm and environmental issues. Some Canadian environmental activists in Nairobi tried to use sarcasm to critique Rona Ambrose’s horrible performance as Environment Minister, but they’ve been accused of being “sexist and gratuitous.” The offensive comment—a dig involving Ms. Ambrose’s hair—came out of a newsletter [...]

Globe and Mail Columnists are not environmentally friendly

Globe and Mail columnists seem as receptive to environmental concerns as Republicans (Arnold Schwarzenegger excluded). A few weeks back, Margaret Wente wrote a feature about how her week-long use of the TTC had reaffirmed her love for her SUV, which she holds dear not only because her vehicle gets her around town, but because it [...]

Climate pocketing change

Sir Nicholas Stern’s stern warning about climate change will probably have a greater effect than over thirty years of campaigning by various environmental groups. Stern says pollution will hurt our pocket books, which is much less abstract—and probably more frightening—than our grandchildren living on a toxic planet. Fine. Whatever works.

State of the Blogs

Since Warren and Agnes are back in Toronto and almost used to “not travelling” (a difficult transition, which I can attest too), the title of “Envy inducing travel stories” now goes to Simon and Claire. The latter couple are zipping around the world in ten months, which sounds simply breakneck. I’m impressed, jealous and watching [...]

The Post-Stratford Report

Elif has just gotten back from Stratford and says Pebbled was well received. She lucked out with the film’s placement in the programme. It fell in the same group as Soldier of God, which drew a large crowd. Friday she’s off to DC. I’m wondering how long of a pedal DC is from Toronto.

Pebbled is on now!

If you’re not at the Distillery District by now, you’re late! Pebbled is on. I’m going tomorrow. The full details go like this:
Distillery District
55 Mill Street
Toronto, Ontario
Performance Locations & Times
Outdoor: Tank Lane
Thursday, August 11th 9-10pm
Friday, August 12th 9-10pm
Saturday, August 13th 9-10pm
Sunday, August 14th 9-10pm
Indoor: ARTCORE Gallery
Saturday, August 13th, 1pm & 3pm
Sunday, August 14th, 1pm & [...]

Pebbled Newly Sited

Kat has dones a wonderful job with the new Pebbled site. The new new thing to check out is the Get Framed contest, a nice way for viewers to participate in the Pebbled experience.
The other week I was complaining to Elif about how crummy fFIDA has been on the promotion front. Only her name was [...]