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Wham City slamming

The backlash to the Baltimore scene’s flagship collective Wham City, which consists of Dan Deacon, OCDJ, Videohippos, Ecstatic Sunshine, Ponytail et al, has hit Wikipedia.
Over the last week, some sulky editorializing has made its way onto the collaborative online encycopedia’s Wham City entry.
On May 22, an anonymous user wrote, “This page was written by the [...]

Failed my rock ’n’ roll duty

When I arrived at Lee’s Palace just after midnight on the night of the 19th, three hours after the doors had opened, the bouncer checked my ID, but strangely no one on the inside asked me to pay cover. That’s what happens when you’re so late that you miss the whole event.
I mulled around by [...]

Remembrance of air past

I’m thrilled to announce my air guitar memoir in today’s National Post. The print edition features photos from my man Scott Morgan.

The Toronto Open Air Guitar competition

For more than an hour before things got started at the El Mocambo, music heavy on guitar—like Pantera’s Respect and Weezer’s Hash Pipe—came through the speakers. Friends stood in groups and often someone would mime playing a guitar or bang his or her head to the music. These were mostly spectators, not competitors in the [...]

Mama-se, mama-sa, mama-coo-sa

On today’s very funky Put the Needle On the Record show hosted by Billy Jam, the WFMU DJ played Afrika Bambaataa’s version of Soul Makossa. If you spent a good part of 1983 trying to moonwalk to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, you will hear echoes of I Wanna Be Starting Something, especially the final bridge, which [...]

Twice the Fairley missing Mayer at the Mod Club

Take German techno and mix unemployment. Take a Portuguese community centre and fade it into a club for Mods. Take a dance-floor and drop in a crowd of people who want to be there, young men who didn’t have to change before coming and women from backless tops to sweaters. Ladies’ choice. One woman looks [...]

In the land of K and D

It was in some Mediterranean country, Portugal I think, that Martha and I were flipping through a tourist brochure of things to do. On one page, in big bold letters, was the word ‘Tosca.’ I pointed to this listing and said, “Wicked. I can’t believe those guys are playing here. We should totally go and [...]