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Fifty-Six Riders Return to the 2011 Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec and Montreal

Of the roughly 176 cyclists who raced in last year’s inaugural Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec and Montreal, 56 are returning this week for the 2011 editions. BMC seems to have the most returning riders with five. For the full, tentative 2011 start lists, visit Canadian Cyclist. Did I miss anyone?

Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin-Transitions, now Garmin-Cervelo)
Timothy [...]

Why a Fellow Cyclist Said Nasty Things to Me this Morning

I was heading east on Dundas this morning when I stopped for a red light at Shaw Street, east of Ossington. A scruffy guy pedalled up from behind, ambling in a high gear, and blew through the red. It changed to green and I was at the guy’s rear wheel after a few pedal strokes. [...]

Organizer Serge Arsenault on Canada’s Two ProTour Races

Quebec City and Montreal will be hosting International Cycling Union (UCI) road races this September, the first ProTour races ever to be held in North America. I not only want to attend these races, the Quebec City and Montreal Grands Prix Cyclistes, to watch dudes bike up hills faster than I can bike down them, [...]

The Memorial Ride for Darcy Allan Sheppard

I joined the ride at about 5:10pm at Bay and Bloor. The ride went east, taking up the whole eastbound side of the road, to Yonge and then south to Queen. Riders rang bells constantly, but I opted for silence. The Toronto Star estimates that the event comprised about 1,000 cyclists.
At Dundas and Yonge a [...]

10 things I can do quicker than Lance Armstrong can

Watching the Tour de France is humbling. I like to think that I’m a pretty speedy cyclist and that the 40 minutes it takes me to bike roughly 13 kilometres up Yonge Street to work is a respectable time. Yet, on the first day of the race, each of the 180 cyclists in the Tour [...]

A Friday afternoon bike ride

And it’s sunny and it’s dusty and the trees won’t have leaves until it rains. Traffic flows like the last drawn out task before the weekend. Avoid, tinker, avoid.
Broken glass lies in bp nichol’s concrete letters. At a nearby loading bay, a man dips his moustache into his coffee. None of this is in the [...]

The Traffic Violation Report is a Joke

I was nearly killed last Thursday. It’s happened before and it will probably happen again. But this time, I decided to get the police involved.
Despite being on a bike decked out in flashing lights and reflectors, I was nearly hit by a car last week. The driver made a left in front of me. I [...]