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The final leg

So the train from Wrocław to Hamburg was dope. 2nd class but we felt like royalty: foot room, free chocolate. Bye-bye bleak East, hello glittery West. Tobi, thanks for letting us crash and disrupt your studies in beautiful Hamburg. Props to the peeps in your flat. The train to Kempten to see Kate was a [...]

Welcome to Paris, Speak English?

So we arrived at the French customs kiosk. I had filled out my Disembarkment papers incorrectly. There was a place that asked for the last airport. I didn’t know if the form wanted the previous airport or my final airport. I chose the latter.
“Sorry, that should be Pittsburgh. Not de Gaule.”
The customs guys sighed heavily [...]

Peeing in Paris

Paris is absolutely small bladder friendly… I give it five flushes.
I got some good rock-out pictures of Pioro in front of some familiar landmarks, just got to figure out how to up-load the photos…
Unfortunately we have to leave in a few hours, and have a 20 hr train ride to Lisbon to look forward to.