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Martha’s Version

Something brushed against my foot.
I woke to see a guy in the door of our train compartment.
He apologised. My first thought was that he was just checking to see if there was a seat free, and when he saw us sleeping he apologised for disturbing us. But when I looked on the floor and saw [...]

So Far

So we’ve been pretty silent so far. Since Barcelona anyway. After that amazing town we left the Iberian Peninsula for the Italian one. We stayed in the tourist trap of Cinque Terre, five small villages in a national park. Although touristy, the place is gorgeous: pebble beaches and hiking trails through green mountains.
Then it was [...]

OK, Mom and Dad, first of all, Martha and I are fine…

9 July 2002, 6:10 am
Mar woke up.
“Where are our bags?”
Our day-packs were not on the floor where we had left them. We were on a train somewhere between Foggia and Bari, coming up to the eastern coast of Italy. The train was minutes away from pulling into some small town.
We had a booth to ourselves, [...]