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The Post-Stratford Report

Elif has just gotten back from Stratford and says Pebbled was well received. She lucked out with the film’s placement in the programme. It fell in the same group as Soldier of God, which drew a large crowd. Friday she’s off to DC. I’m wondering how long of a pedal DC is from Toronto.

Pebbled is on now!

If you’re not at the Distillery District by now, you’re late! Pebbled is on. I’m going tomorrow. The full details go like this:
Distillery District
55 Mill Street
Toronto, Ontario
Performance Locations & Times
Outdoor: Tank Lane
Thursday, August 11th 9-10pm
Friday, August 12th 9-10pm
Saturday, August 13th 9-10pm
Sunday, August 14th 9-10pm
Indoor: ARTCORE Gallery
Saturday, August 13th, 1pm & 3pm
Sunday, August 14th, 1pm & [...]

Pebbled Newly Sited

Kat has dones a wonderful job with the new Pebbled site. The new new thing to check out is the Get Framed contest, a nice way for viewers to participate in the Pebbled experience.
The other week I was complaining to Elif about how crummy fFIDA has been on the promotion front. Only her name was [...]

We’ll have fill’d their pockets full of pebble stones

Elif called last night to say that Pebbled has been accepted into the Stratford-Upon-Avon International Digital Film Festival. That’s right. Her work is going to the Bard’s hometown. My voice, which is the only part of me in the film, will float into the Stratford air and I’ve still never visited the place. I wonder [...]

Pebbled is just rolling along

An art project can have a life of its own, especially when Elif is behind it.
Two years ago, when Martha and I were marooned in Whitby, Elif called me and said, “Matt, we’re doing something for the Station Gallery.” Out of nowhere, Elif approached the head of the gallery and said that she was a [...]