Poland, 13-09-02

Friday the 13th, at about two in the morning, we crossed the Lithuanian border and finally arrived in Poland.

We were the only ones on the bus whose passports were closely scrutinised and collected. I find it hard to believe that the stamping of our two lowly passports resulted in the incredibly long wait, which I think can be accredited to infamous Polish efficiency. All in all though, a pleasant border crossing. We spent it chatting with a nice Italian traveller we had met at the Old Town Hostel in Vilnius. He’d been to Poland already, where he was dumbfounded by what he perceived to be a national interest in the Italian language. According to him, they all want to learn Italian. Shit, maybe learning English is on its way out. But what the hell do the Polish want to learn Italian for? As our fellow traveller said himself, it’s only spoken by about 40 million people world-wide, and they’re pretty much all in Italy! English? Try about 460 million! Come on, they’ve got to still want to learn it.

Ok, I’m not really worried.

So, have I mentioned we’re in Gdańsk?

It’s beautiful.

Been to the Solidarity Monument and museum. Bought a T-shirt.

No really, I did.

It’s cool.

(check out pics 498 and 499 … they should be up soon)

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