The Posters tell All

In the bus shelters and on the lampposts around Warsaw are loads of letter-sized posters. They generally advertise one of two services: English language instruction and karate lessons. I was pretty happy to see these signs as it looks like I’ll be able to put my skills to work here in Poland. It seems all those Bruce Lee movies I watched in my youth will be of some use. I definitely remember seeing Enter the Dragon and The Chinese Connection Parts I and II. There were also a whole host of ninja movies like Enter the Ninja (what’s with all the ‘entering’?) and the one where the American white-clad ninja kicks the wonton out of the Asian black-clad ninja. Oh, and that TV series featuring two good American ninjas and the evil Asian one (I see a trend here) who was constantly pursuing them. I think it was called Masters. I watched that a bunch too. So even though I may not be as flexible as I used to be, I figure I have a lot to show the Poles.

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