Comments Please!

Final exams are no different for teachers as they are for students; in an effort to avoid the inevitable, they scurry around getting immersed in every little distraction. Some alphabetise CD collections, while others clean. TV and computer games work too, but they are not as good as, say, organising the spice rack. Anything that keeps you close to what you should be doing and has some semblance of productivity can keep exams at bay right up until the last second. I should be preparing final exams, getting ready to test little Zbigniew on his command of English. I should be creating exercises while he’s out trying to do everything but look at his books. So, it’s only fair that I take time to tweak the web site.

The happy new addition to the site is comments. The hard-working folks at Blogger have made comments a regular feature of their blogs. After a few blissful hours of code hashing, this site now has the capability to get feedback from all five of its loyal readers. Sarcasm aside, I’m really stoked about this feature because it gets to the essence of what separates print from the Web: dialogue. So let’s hear what you gotta say.

For people who don’t have an account with Blogger, you can only post anonymous comments. But, I encourage you to sign your anonymous comments nonetheless (e.g. start a new line at the end of your comment and write “–Name”). So far, only the posts on the main page can take comments and any new ones will have this feature. It would be incredibly time consuming to go back through one hundred plus entries and turn on the comments feature. I do have exams to create and then mark. On second thought…

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